Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exploring the crevices of my mind

So here I am again, I've been bogged down in various projects and things. Life always seems to move at a frantic pace for me. The major thing that I've been getting into lately  is the expansion of the mind. Learning how to work the mind without over working. Eating foods that encourage the performance of the mind, doing exercises that improve not only the body but enhance the mind. It's been a fun voyage trying to learn what makes my own mind tick.  Playing video games to improve motor function, and problem solving. Using meditation balls to increase manual dexterity. Reading high level books to improve vocabulary and stretch the limits presently there. The thought provoking question of the day is: What do you do to improve your mind and why?

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's been a while

So here I am again, I've been trucking along life. New challenges met and overcome, new discussions and thought processes have manifested and resolved. I think I have a sense of anticipation about me right now. I'm unsatisfied with my current situation but don't have a complete means by which to change it so here I am just fighting the torrent of time. So to my endless throng of followers.... yes all 3 of you. Have you been in a position where you felt that greatness is right there in front of you,but you can't seem to get there. Even further what was it about and why?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Was hanging out with some friends yesterday,and we had a really great time all day. We went and saw expendables, and it was amazingness. Anyone that is a fan of action movies will extremely enjoy it. Other than that my girlfriend has been keeping me very busy and my Armored Core model kits have completed the distraction. I'm not too distracted though because I finally finished one of my projects for my C# certification so I'm getting back on track with that. It seems like this week is going to be intensely enjoyable.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sleepless Nights the return.

So here I am again awake at an ungodly hour of the morning. I've been sitting here thinking and trying to let my mind wander until i do finally "fall" into the blissful blackness that is unconsciousness. Kinda funny because last night I fell asleep rather early in the evening. No real profound thoughts here tonight,sadly. I suppose everyone suffers a little insomnia from time to time I just get to have it several times a month. I know how I can save this rambling post, a question! I notice that many people rather enjoy an interactive blog where their comments will matter,and where their minds get to act on solving a problem. So here's your query for the day...

If you were only allowed to ask 1 question of a person to gain as much knowledge as you could from them what would you ask,and what is the reason behind the question.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Work gets me thinking.

Today I was at work, which is not an unusual place for me to be. One of my managers got flustered later in the day,and it was almost as if he had died. Every mistake was a personal failure,and taken personally. Later he said something that I found interesting. "I accept failure","You don't learn anything from failure".  For me it is literally impossible to simply accept failure. Expect it yes,because in some way or another failure is inevitable,but to simply accept that I am a failure is too much. I like to break failure down. What led to the failure? How can I avoid failure in the future? What thought processes led me to allow this? Can it be corrected? He simply accepted that he was a failure and commanded that I throw everything out and that he needed to do everything over again. In the food industry this is wasteful and unnecessary because you can simply remake what wasn't made correctly and keep the rest of the order going. I find that his belief that you don't learn anything from mistakes is also flawed. I believe you learn the most when you fail to achieve the goal you've attempted. You gain a deeper sense of the gravity of the goal and the things needed to reach it. I see these things he said as a weapon only designed to cause harm to its wielder. This is what happens when you allow emotion to cloud logic. Emotion and logic can be used to attain the same ends,and can be used in tandem. When you allow emotion to overrule your better judgment it's dangerous. I said to a friend of mine you need to look in the mirror and be realistic,it's okay to be critical but you can't be harshly critical. You just need a realistic view of yourself and what you see. Sometimes looking in the mirror at yourself you can only focus on faults,and I believe that's what this man does every day. The key to improving yourself is to first identify the things you don't like AND why. It's hard to do this without being overly critical but you can do it.

To my readers:

  • Do you agree with either of my manager's opinions?
  • Do you agree with any of my views and why?
  • How would you respond to a person in a situation like this?

I'm hoping to see lots of comments on this though I have no idea how many followers I will have after only a couple posts.