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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Greetings and Salutations

Ladies and Gentlemen,
 It should be fairly obvious that this is my introductory post. The idea in mind for this is that I seek liberation from the thoughts that have plagued my mind. For the first time in years I seek to put these thoughts to paper,I have had issues with writing things down in the past. I think I'm finally over the mental scars and damages that caused me to stop writing in the first place. I started this blog mostly because others of my friends (only 1 of which is actually in my followed list) have felt the liberation that comes from putting their thoughts and feelings up for all to see,albeit in an out of the way place like the internet... The title should be fairly gripping and there is a reason for that title. This blog is a place for me to evaluate my actions,thoughts,and feelings. It is also a place for me to evaluate my personal effect on others. The final part of the title is kind of a joke at myself, I deflect things I can't handle or don't want to deal with. In true head-on fashion I intend to tackle that last issue by attacking it and exposing it for what it is. I suppose that's enough of an introduction,if you want details about me follow me you'll learn far more about me by seeing my thoughts rather than having me define myself to you. I can say whatever I want about myself I leave you to define me because you are the ones holding the magnifying glass. I am simply a specimen for you to study...should you choose to do so.

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